How to make money on Huya? A guide to streamer income

The digital landscape of live-streaming is constantly evolving, and in the world of live-streaming, Huya has emerged as a formidable force in China. With millions of active users and a passionate fan community, Huya presents unparalleled opportunities for content creators and streamers to turn their passion into profit.

This guide will explore various income streams available on Huya, including fans buying gifts, advertising, the fan economy, the self-operated economy, the media economy, and salary benefits. Any streamer who is starting to build themselves an audience will eventually ask themselves: How do I make this a career? Whether you’re an up-and-coming streamer or an interested fan who wants to know how the profits of live-streaming are created, you’ll find something here. If you're eager to unlock your earning potential on this live-streaming platform, keep reading!

Fans Buying Gifts

One of the primary ways to earn money on Huya is through the generous contributions of your fans. Huya enables viewers to express their support and appreciation by purchasing virtual gifts during your live streams. These virtual gifts can range from consumable virtual items and time-based virtual items, and each gift contributes to your income. It’s reported that over 90% of Huya’s revenue is from these virtual gifts and items, so expect these gifts to be a larger part of your income stream than the other options listed.

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A diversified income stream is always better than only having one source of profits, so don’t neglect the other options too. As a streamer, you receive a percentage of the revenue generated from these gifts. The key to maximizing your earnings through this channel is to create engaging content that resonates with your audience and builds a loyal fan base, leading to a steady stream of gifts.


Huya offers a plethora of advertising opportunities for streamers to monetize their channels. Advertisements on Huya can be targeted to very specific demographics and less general than advertisements on other platforms, so make sure to cater your advertisements to your fanbase. You can collaborate with brands for sponsored content or participate in ad campaigns hosted directly on the platform. Revenue from these advertising initiatives is shared with you, providing an additional source of income. The fees for these ads are generally paid out at either a rate of per thousand views or per day.

A growing viewer base and a well-thought-out marketing strategy can make advertising a significant contributor to your overall earnings. It's essential to strike a balance between promoting products or services and maintaining the authenticity of your content to keep your viewers engaged and satisfied. Beginning to earn money through advertisements may require you to already have a certain audience size, so this option isn’t for everyone.

Fan Economy

The fan economy is a key part of Huya's success, where dedicated fans actively support their favourite streamers. Fans can subscribe to your channel, providing you with a stable monthly income. In return, subscribers enjoy exclusive perks such as access to subscriber-only chat, custom emojis, and priority interactions with you during live streams.

In comparison to Twitch for example, Huya’s subscription models are not as cheap and affordable for all viewers as they are on Twitch and there’s no such thing as a free Prime subscription. Building an extremely loyal fan base and continually engaging with your subscribers is crucial to succeeding in the fan economy. Over time, as your subscriber count increases, so does your financial stability on Huya.

Self-Operated Economy

For budding entrepreneur streamers, these live-streaming celebrities can offer their fans exclusive merchandise to show their support for their favourite streamer. By leveraging your creativity and crafting unique merchandise, you can establish a self-operated economy.

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Unlike some other income streams, this allows you to retain a more substantial portion of the profits. Building a brand around your merchandise and promoting it effectively to your audience can significantly boost your earnings on Huya.

Media Economy

Streamers need not only to stick to one platform to earn their income but also branch out into other social media sites to diversify their audience across multiple platforms. Uploading extra content on other sites and creating your own media content, such as podcasts or video clips, can diversify income sources. Not only will utilising the Media Economy allow streamers to earn some extra income, but they can also use similar media across multiple platforms, saving time and effort that can be spent on streaming.

These media can expose you to a broader audience, leading to additional revenue streams in the future. Leveraging the media economy can help you reach viewers who might not have discovered your live streams otherwise and get your name out there as a public figure. It's essential to maintain consistency in your media content and tailor it to the interests of your target audience to maximize your earnings in this segment.

Salary Benefits

As your popularity and influence grow on Huya, you may receive offers for exclusive contracts and salary benefits directly from the platform. These contracts often come with a stable monthly income, promotional support, and access to exclusive opportunities. Securing such contracts can provide financial stability and allow you to focus on creating exceptional content without worrying about fluctuations in income. To attract the attention of Huya and secure these benefits, you'll need to demonstrate consistent performance, engage with your audience, and continually enhance your channel's appeal.

Huya offers content creators a diverse array of income streams, making it possible to turn your passion for live streaming into a sustainable and lucrative career. By harnessing the power of fans buying gifts, advertising, the fan economy, self-operated economy, media economy, and salary benefits, you can unlock your full earning potential on China's premier live-streaming platform.

Remember that success on Huya requires dedication, creativity, and a genuine connection with your audience. Don’t rely on Huya to supply you with all of the opportunities to develop your income and financials, developing a profitable career in live streaming will require your own initiative and drive. With the right approach, you can transform your Huya channel into a thriving source of income and fulfil your dreams in the world of live streaming.