What is DoHuya?

DoHuya is an analytics service focused on Chinese live-streaming services. We collect and process viewership metrics on platforms such as DouYu and Huya, China's largest live-streaming platforms which focus on gaming and IRL content. Using our data, you can evaluate how successful individual broadcasts, channels or entire games (categories) are in terms of viewer activity.

Note: DoHuya is not affiliated with any third-party game, gamer, or gaming company. All trademarks displayed on the site are owned by third parties and are used on DoHuya for informational purposes only.

How I can get advanced data on DoHuya?

At the moment, we provide access to extended statistics of both platforms by individual requests. If you are interested in Huya and DouYu data, please contact us at [email protected].

What is Heat Index?

Heat Index (also known as "popularity index", "hot index", etc.). The metric includes several variables that may differ from platform to platform. Among other things, the metric can be influenced by the number of active viewers at the moment of the broadcast, the number of visitors to the channel over the time of the broadcast, the duration of the broadcast, the quantity of video content on the channel, interaction with the content (various raffles, lotteries, etc.), and much more.

The size of the concurrent audience on the broadcasts is only one of a dozen (or even more) parameters that determine the Heat Index, i.e., the "popularity" of the broadcast.

‘Heat Index’ may vary from platform to platform in terms of methodology. It all depends on the parameters which are being considered by services, and since such information remains undisclosed, one cannot simply compare the numbers of one platform to another to draw accurate conclusions.

Why is Heat Index used in China?

The main difference between the Chinese market and the West is that Chinese services compete for a gigantic, monolingual audience. This puts special challenges to how the system for promoting broadcasts should work in such conditions.

For example, Twitch is watched by people in dozens of countries, which makes it logical to recommend to viewers the streamers who broadcast in the language they know. In the case of China, this approach will not work, and Heat Index helps promote little-known streamers more effectively, as they cannot compete with the top ones solely by the size of the concurrent audience.

Our metrics and their descriptions

Platform. A platform is an online service providing the technical capability of live streaming.

Channel. A dedicated account on a streaming platform associated with a specific person or a company.

Game (category). A dedicated section of the platform that combines streams by the corresponding type of content, e.g., ‘Make Friends’, League of Legends, etc.

Live Streams. Broadcasts that are live right now.

Heat Index. A specific indicator of viewer activity within a broadcast, channel or category. This metric combines many different parameters, each of which has its own specific weight that affects the final Heat Index.

  1. Peak Heat Index. The maximum, highest Heat Index achieved within one broadcast or achieved by a channel/category for a certain period of time.
  2. Average Heat Index. The average Heat Index of one broadcast or channel/category for a certain period of time.
  3. Heat Index per Channel. The average Heat Index of one channel within the entire category to which it belongs.

Followers Gain. The number of new channel followers achieved within one broadcast or for a certain period of time.

Total Followers. The total all-time number of followers of the channel.